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Family friendly golden retrievers, labrador retrievers and golden doodles.

Golden retriever ontario

“The best possible pet for your family”

Golden Breeder breeds the best family friendly dog breeds: golden retrievers, labrador retrievers and golden doodles.

Our dogs will fit right into your family. All our breeds all share the following characteristics.

First, they love to show loyalty and affection to each of your family members. You better get used to having them around! They want to be a part of the family. They crave being social and part of your pack!

Second, they are tolerant and very intelligent. These breeds are very capable working dogs. Because of this, they are often trained as therapy and service dogs. This makes them great for families with kids. You won’t wear out their patience and they love playing games!

Third, they love water, exercise and are very playful. The perfect breed for the family fun in the park or at the cottage!

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